InSoMnIaCs AnOnYmOuS
If you hang out on MPlayer, or ICQ, or both (preferably) this next little section is for you!!

If you are interested in becoming an Insomniac, please find one of the following members listed below for a first interview......We are needing 4 new members to help us build, so if you think you can come up with a weekly report and can hang with us frequently on here, we want you!!!!! Again, please talk to one of us for a pre-interview so we can discuss who we want as members!!! :) ENROLLMENT ENDS JUNE 26TH!!!!!!

Welcome to our website for Mplayer and ICQ users!!!! We are a group of individuals that are on Mplayer every night having fun and meeting new friends. The founders of InSoMnIaCs AnOnYmOuS are "wildcoz", "plushvelvet21", "THE BUCKWHEAT", "newfoundfear", "Ginuwine", "Zepher27", and "Toadly". Our goal is to provide entertainment and informartion for on-line users. The great thing is that InSoMnIaCs AnOnYmOuS and CLUB ICQ 2000 have merged to bring more entertainment and bring both website viewers together to get the most of this free service. If you want to be apart of InSoMnIaCs AnOnYmOuS, all you have to do is hang out with us every night, usually in On Stage, in the room "InSoMnIaCs AnOnYmOuS" , and once you establish your regular presence in our room, we will vote to have you as a member of I.A.!!!! You will go through an initiation and once a member, you are required to write an article once a week for the website!!
As we are the entertainment super-highway for current and future Mplayer and ICQ users, this site is developed for your enjoyment and a chance for others to meet each other. We have music links, games, gambling, chat, dating service, hot links to cool websites, and more to come.

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